Room Acoustics

For law firms, doctors' offices, or any meeting room the necessary confidentiality of voice communication can be guaranteed by us. For the acoustic design of classrooms, music studios, auditoriums, concert halls and similar facilities software programs from the latest technology are used, so that the spatial and temporal distribution sound distribution is determined. The room is developed as a virtual environment within the computer code taking into account architectural constraints and commercial products available on the market solutions. In this way we are able to provide a phased approach to the optimisation and characterisation of the aural environment.

ACCON’s draft designs also include any sound technical specifications to enable a direct invitation to tender or hiring of contractors. In our own acoustic laboratory we carry out measurements for the determination of acoustic product features according to DIN EN ISO 354 or DIN ISO 3741. For manufacturers of sound-absorbing materials or components such as sound-absorbing ceiling systems ACCON determines the frequency - dependent absorption coefficient and represents the values obtained in an appropriate advice brochure/report.


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