Industrial and commercial noise

Industrieller und gewerblicher SchallschutzACCON GmbH advises companies with respect to all issues related to environmental noise and acoustics. Utilising our in-depth experience we are able to build a noise model for calculating the sound propagation, which contains all relevant sound sources, the structural conditions of the terrain model and the relevant noise loaded areas in the neighborhood (Operational Noise Information System BLIS). Thus, the individual sources can be assessed for their noise contribution and if necessary, economically optimized concepts and mitigation measures will be developed to reduce noise. In addition, for any significant change of source on site the influence on the noise load can be determined in a cost effective manner. Where appropriate we can prepare an expert report for submission to the appropriate authorities.

Our service includes:

  • Forecast calculations of acoustic emission and immission
  • Development of an Operational Noise Information System (BLIS)
  • Expert report for planning permission
  • Noise measurements according to German standards (§§ 26, 28 BImSchG)
  • Noise quotas (zoning) within urban land-use planning
  • Noise optimized operational concepts and mitigation
  • Acoustic design of building services engineering (e.g. ventilation)
  • Dimensioning of components (e.g. facades, windows), and noise protection measures (e.g. silencers, enclosures)
  • Preparation of contract specifications (e.g. for aggregates, components, soundproofing etc).


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