Approval management


Fast approval and licensing procedures with a strong professional consulting competency are important deciding factors in the light of European and global competition. Through effective customer liaison and support, short processing times, adherence to schedules and easy to read approval applications we offer support during all stages of the environmental impact assessment and immission control licensing procedures. Our customers include operators of heat generation plants, surface treatment facilities, waste processing plants and live stock farms.


  • Approval of new installations that are subject to authorisation
  • Obtaining approvals for the alteration of an existing plant or installation
  • Applications to construct or alter installations not requiring authorisation
  • Formal procedures with and without participation of the general public

Our services include:

  • Preparation of approval application and examination of the notification
  • Interface-coordination including representation of the operator at authority hearings
  • Task and timeline management
  • Support during all stages of the approval process and expert advise at appointments with the authorities
  • Issuing of corresponding documentation e. g. emissions statement, solvent balance, impact calculations


Dr. Wolfgang Henry
Tel.: +49 (0) 8192 / 99 60-16