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Air quality surveys are generally required in approval and licensing processes for industrial facilities and for construction development schemes to forecast the future air quality situation. Air pollution occurs when the natural composition of air is modified, especially through dust, soot, gases, aerosols, vapour and odor. An immission forecast serves as prognosis of the future air quality and creates an evaluation basis in the planning phase of a project.


  • Construction and expansion of industrial plants (e. g. power plants, landfills, sewage and waste treatment plants, biogas plants) and intensive live stock farms
  • New development of residential and industrial areas in the vicinity of emission sources

For an immission forecast we compile all relevant parameters that contribute to the pollutant distribution in the air in a computer model. This includes the source emissions but also the building induced initial dilution, the terrain profile and local meteorological data.

Our services include:

  • Immission forecast and calculation of required stack height according to the German guideline TA Luft
  • Calculation and evaluation of odor immissions
  • Application of the forecast models MISKAM (detailed model), LASAT (regional/detailed model) Austal2000 (TA Luft model) and Austal2000G for odors


Dr. Wolfgang Henry
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