Agricultural emissions can be generated by intensive live stock farms or biogas plants and often result in complaints from the neighbourhood. We have the expertise which is required to manage the balancing of interests between immission protection and regional development. Our surveys show whether legal requirements for the protection of the general public from annoying odors and other air pollutants like fine dust and ammonia can be met.


  • Development of new residential and industrial areas close to intensive live stock farms or biogas plants
  • Construction or expansion of live stock farms like pig, cattle and poultry farms

For emission sources that are located in flat terrain and in adequate distance from existing buildings an expert examination on the basis of emission strength and local wind conditions is sufficient. For a more detailed examination and calculation of immission values a dispersion calculation is necessary. This method also accounts for the influence of complex terrain, houses and other obstacles and various meteorological situations. It allows the decision-maker to judge the immission situation during approval procedures for regional developments and building projects.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of odor immissions in accordance to applicable standards and guidelines
  • Immission forecast using the dispersion calculation software AUSTAL2000 (validated by the German guideline for Technical Instructions on Air Pollution Control – TA Luft) for e. g. odors, ammonia and fine dust
  • Two-dimensional graphical presentation of immission values and evaluation of the results on the basis of relevant guidelines and legislation
  • Expert opinion in case of complaints of odors and other air pollutants


Dr. Wolfgang Henry
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