Energy efficiency

Industrieller und gewerblicher SchallschutzIn 2007 the EU leaders agreed to the reduction of primary energy consumption until 2020 by 20 %. It is however expected that only half of this ambitious target rate will actually be reached. Against this background, measures for energy efficiency are drawn up into an EU Directive to give new impulse to the strategy.

Energy costs in the manufacturing industry amount up to 40 % of the generated turnover. By adopting efficient ways to use energy, companies could cut costs permanently and improve revenues. Especially in the course of constantly rising energy costs an analysis of the energy consumption in the production process is worthwhile in any case.

For our customers we carry out the necessary initial survey in accordance to DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy management systems):

  • Evaluation and analysis of the current energy consumption
  • Calculation of energy performance figures
  • Development of possible planning scenarios
  • Preparation of delta analyses for impact studies

Based on the outcomes of the survey we also prepare material flow calculations and determine the effects on the live cycle inventory.


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